Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 43 Japan Tokyo mission

mission leadership council

I don't think I've ever sent a photo of these before. Pretty sweet hey? Haha they are everywhere! 

District lunch

Exchanges with Sister Clark and sister Sargent (this is our apartment)

Woman we met on the train who was way interested! She gave us her number and told us she would read and pray about the Book of Mormon!

New investigator- she is a way genki 70ish year old woman
who loves learning! Hopefully she can come to church soon.

Our district

Some food I had this week.

Sister Oshima and I on exchanges. The little girl on my right is a girl we found last week who loves the gospel. Her name is K.... Chan. The girl on my left is Y... Chan. She is thinking about serving a mission and so she often helps us. 

Dear family

I've had a really busy week! I next Monday we have transfer calls, and
so I guess we'll see what happens! If someone is leaving, it will
probably be me, but I think I might be safe. I love serving here in
Matsudo! Recently, there has been a huge hype in the ward about the
new plan for the Asia north area. The plan involves a lot more member
involvement and so we have been super super busy this past week as a
lot of members have been calling us and having us over. It's amazing!
Everyone is thinking about how they can share the gospel with their
friends and even the young people are thoroughly involved. It is so
neat! I'm so blessed to be here to witness it all.

Yesterday for church, sister Bettridge and I went on splits so that we
could attend relief society and young woman's. I went to young women's
and had an amazing experience there. In our ward, we have pretty close
to 15-16 young woman. Since yesterday was fast Sunday, they did a
testimony meeting in Young woman's. It was a really neat experience
for me to listen to all of these young women share their testimonies.
A few of them even spoke about how they had had different experiences
at school where they had introduced the gospel to their friends. They
are so amazing! When I first came to the ward, we had a really hard
time connecting with the young woman, but now we are all really good
friends and in the short while I have been here, I have seen some
testimonies grow and seen some of the young woman change to be more
excited for church. Anyway, after they had all born their testimonies,
I glanced at the clock and it seemed that we had about 10 minutes left
before the end of church. There was a long pause. I felt the need to
bare my testimony in front of these girls, and so I turned to the
leader Sitting next to me and asked if I could bear my testimony.
After doing so, I walked up to their little pulpit and just looked at
all of the young woman for a second. They were so beautiful and so
full of light. I now understand why people who speak to youth use that
phrase over and over again. Hearing it as a young woman I never did
understood it, but I do now. I thanked them for all of their
testimonies and told them that I really felt the spirit. They smiled
and continued to look at me. I told them that they would all be
wonderful missionaries someday and that the Lord loved them and knew
them each personally and individually. It was a tender moment for me.

Last night we were eating dinner at the Nakanishi family's home, and
there was an earthquake! It was one of the bigger ones that I have
experienced here in Japan. I think they rated it a 3-4 on the
earthquake scale level which is pretty neat. When they get above five
is when they start to get dangerous. It was kinda fun! The little kids
were pretty scared though.

We also had Mission Leadership Council this past week, and President
Niiyama (dad's mission president?) came and spoke to us about how we
could work with the members in Japan bette. It was a great training.
As usual, the Spirit filled the room as President and Sister Nagano
spoke to us as well. It was all a really great experience and we are
excited to share everything that we learn with the missionaries this
week in Zone meeting. Sister Bettridge and I are giving a training on
exact obedience and how it relates to feeling joy as a missionary. It
should be fun! :)

Sister Bettridge told me that I have been speaking Japanese in my
sleep lately.... My dream has come true finally!!!!! I've always had
companions that speak in their sleep, but I never have up until now.
Haha, this was definitely a highlight of the week.

Recently, there was a broadcast for all of the missionaries around the
world from the apostles and leaders of the church down at Salt Lake. I
saw Cianna Lybbert on the broadcast in the audience, and so that was
really cool! :) haha.
Anyway, the emphasis was on teaching repentance and baptizing
converts. In the broadcast, there was something that really hit home
for me. There was a statement made about how we as missionaries should
always have Christ's name on our lips, as well as His name over our
hearts. For some reason that image has really stuck with me this past
week as we have gone out and talked with people. We have seen many
many miracles as we have tried to speak the name of Christ more often.
It's been really amazing. I always want to make sure that I am
speaking His name as a missionary-to everyone I meet. I hope that I
can do it for the rest of my life. I've really been pondering the
scripture In Matthew 10: 32-33 lately. It says:

32 Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess
also before my Father which is in heaven.

33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before
my Father which is in heaven.

I want to make sure that I am always worthy and ready to have the
Savior's name on my lips, testifying of Him with firm conviction. I
love Him so much. I feel happier as a missionary as I speak His name
and tell people of Him. This gospel is true. I testify of God's love
for each of you. He knows you perfectly.
Have a wonderful week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard xoxo

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