Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 42 Japan Tokyo Mission

We ate dinner at one of the members homes yesterday night and they had
their setsubun holiday celebration. All of the kids are given beans to
throw at the Devils. The dads of the family put on scary masks and
scared all the kids! I felt so bad for them, haha! Some of the little
ones were shaking with shock and crying because they were so scared.
There was a little boy standing beside me and he was so so scared. I
just wanted to pick him up and tell him it was okay, but I'm not aloud
to do that as a missionary. I just patted him head and tried to help
him feel better by saying it was okay, haha. Poor thing.

Some pictures I found on another sisters iPad from six or so months ago... Throwback! This was a zone p-day when I was companions with sister Ahn. It was so hot! 

More purikura 

These purikura pictures were taken on exchanges. This is one of the
sisters in my zone, sister Griffin. She's way cute, :) as you can see,
her eyes get bigger than mine in these pictures, haha.

We met this woman on the street this week and she invited us to her restaurant for dinner. She made us ochanomiyaki (like a cabbage pancake thing ) and it was so so good! 
The scarves sister Bettridge and I are wearing were made by one of the members in our ward. She made them for us. So kind. :) 

Dear family,

Thanks for all your letters! My time is short again today and so I
will try to fit as much as I can into their letter. :)

The snow didn't last very long here... Probably close to 48 hours. It's
been pretty chilly lately and the wind has been pretty bad, but it
hasn't snowed again yet, so that is a blessing as far as being a
missionary in Winter is concerned. :)

We had a way cool experience this week with one of our past
investigators who we hadn't been able to contact for close to a month.
Her name is H..... K..... We found her on the street on our way
to a member's house just before Christmas. She was our Christmas
miracle because she came to church the following Sunday and began to
take the lessons. Soon after, she disappeared from off the face of the
earth! For the last month I have been really worried about her, but
have been trusting that we would be able to see her again. We finally
met her, and this is the miracle I will share!
Last Tuesday, we decided that we should try and go find her. A bit of
a back story... When sister Morley and I found her on the street, I
remember asking her if she lived close by? She replied that she didn't
live too far away and then proceeded to point to a group of five
hundred or so houses in the distance indicating that she lived in one
of them. As we thought about where to find her, I thought of the
large group of houses she had pointed too, and decided it might take
us a while to go through them all and find her. It seemed like a
pretty impossible task, but I strongly felt like we should do it. So,
after arriving in the area where we had first met H.... San, sister
Bettridge and I prayed that we would be able to find her. I had made
her a Christmas blanket with her name stitched on to it as a gift, but
because we didn't see her around Christmas time, I was never able to
give it to her. Anyway, after praying, we began going from door to
door in this complex of houses. After about 15 minutes, we came to an
apartment complex and began housing. We had just arrived in the second
floor when sister Bettridge had a feeling that maybe we should go back
down to the first floor. As we turned around, I looked down from the
balcony and saw a woman riding a bicycle beneath us on the rode. My
heart jumped and although I couldn't see her clearly, I the Spirit
told me that it was her. I was so excited that I exclaimed aloud,
"That's H......!!"
We ran down the apartment stairs and were able to speak with Her,
who only had five minutes and came home to grab her work clothes. She
saw us and graciously received the gift. We then learned that she
lived in the very apartment that we had be housing... Isn't that
amazing? We found her in 20 minutes flat. It was such an amazing
We visited a part member family this past week and they let us into
their home. The daughter of the family, Y....Chan, is the only
member. She has a little brother who is nine and then her parents. The
mother and son always come to church every Sunday, but have not been
baptized. When I first came to the ward, I remember asking the ward
mission leader about this family and he said that many missionaries
had tried to teach the rest of her family, but they had always been
told that they didn't want to learn about the gospel. That was kind of
ironic for me to hear when I first arrived in Matsudo because I saw
them at church every week together. Anyway, we ate dinner with them
twice this week and have been able to establish a really good
relationship with their family. We will begin teaching them soon I
think as we sense that their hearts have been softened. God works
amazing miracles in people's hearts. So amazing!

Our investigator, R.... from Jamaica, is progressing really well!
She is amazing. I always learn so much from her as we teach her. We
will be teaching her about the plan of salvation this week and we are
so excited to share with her our testimonies. This past week, we took
a young girl with us who graduated last year and is taking a gap year
in Japan. She is staying with one of the families here in the Ward and
is learning Japanese. Her name is Maddie, and she is from somewhere in
states. She is a cute, red head, spunky, teenager. We took her over
with us to R.....'s and she bore the sweetest testimony about
prayer. She isn't sure what she wants to do for school or anything
yet, but has expressed that she might want to go on a mission after
helping us with R...... My heart leapt when I heard that she had a
desire to read the Book of Mormon again and to prepare for our next
visit with her. The family she is staying with, the w......'s, have
asked us to continue to invite her to lessons with the hope that she
will decide to go in a mission. She's great. :) we love her.
We have been taking some of the YW out to dendou with us this past
week and it's been really great! We have become really good friends
with many of them. Lots of them have desires to serve missions and I
am so inspired by them every time we are together. We are encouraging
them all to bring their friends to our sock monkey making activity in
a couple weeks and have been inviting lots of young girls everyday to
come. I bring a monkey with me as we dendou and it has been a big
success so far!

This past week we found a cute 14 year old girl who's name is K....
chan. She had a lot of interest in Christianity and came to church
yesterday. She told us at church that she didn't sleep all night
because she was so excited to come to church. She is now one of our
top progressing investigators and not only this, but her parents are
okay with her meeting with us!!! Yes!!! (This is literally the best
thing ever by the way) oh, also, she is the youngest of 4 girls and
her oldest sister just turned 19! Way crazy right?! We haven't met
them yet, but we think that her whole family probably has a lot of
potential. They live only a few blocks from the church too. So crazy!

We went on two exchanges this past week, and I was able to work with
Sister Griffin and Sister Sargent. I love having the opportunity to
work with the sisters in our Zone. It helps me and teaches me so much.
I love them all so much, and am grateful for my companion, sister
Bettridge, who is such an amazing missionary. We make a great team.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Well, that's about it for this week! I love being a missionary so
much. This church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and
Joseph Smith translated it by the power of God. Thomas S. Monson is
our Prophet today. He receives strength and direction from the Lord
each day, and we will always be safe as we follow his counsel. Joseph
Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in the Sacred grove. It was a world
changing event and now we have the fullness of the gospel on the
earth. It will never be taken from it again. Jesus Christ is the
Savior of the world. He loves us and knows us perfectly. I testify of
His love and perfect understanding of everything.
Have a great week everyone!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

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