Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 66 Japan Tokyo Mission

Way Scary spider!

Waiting for Marjorie and Koari face haha
Sapporo temple pic :)

Sister Hubbard saying goodbyes :(

Dear family,

Thanks for all the letters! Sister Moffat and I have had a great week
too! I enjoyed hearing about the family reunion and all of the fun
activities you did around Magrath days. So fun!

As you probably guessed already, this week was temple p-day which is
why I am writing you today instead of yesterday. :) The temple was
especially beautiful today. I originally entered with some mixed
feelings in my heart, but those feelings soon changed. We are always
able to feel such peace inside the temple. The presence of the Lord
and of Angels was felt so strong today and that was a tender mercy for
I think God sent a few extra Angels to the temple today so that He
could help me feel extra loved and appreciated. Our Heavenly Father
knows us so well and I am grateful for the multitude of His tender
mercies in my life. He is so loving and always knows how to show us He
truly is there and watching out for us in our lives.

The Koiwa sisters came to Senzokuike this past week for a part day
exchanges this past week and it was really fun! I was with Sister
Sargent for the day and we saw a lots of really cool miracles! I will
just share one of them.
As we were walking back to the train station from a part member
families home, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a young girl who
looked like she might have had tears in her eyes in the distances. As
we got closer, We noticed that she had a big cut on her leg and that
she was bleeding pretty bad. She was all by herself and must have
tripped on something. Just as we were approaching her, sister
Sargent's phone started ringing and she had to take the call. I
approached the young girl and ask her if she was okay? It was easy to
see that she was wearing a brave face, but after I asked she broke
into a hurting cry. I told her it would be okay as sister Sargent
passed me a first aid kit. She was the cutest little thing ever! She
told me that she was six years old and that she lived close by. After
patching her up nice and tight, we decided we would walk her home to
make sure she was okay. Approaching her house, we saw her mother and
began to tell her about what had happened. Of course, this interacting
led to a miracle!  She said we were welcome to come back and share our
message with her and her little family when we came back to the area
again. This experiences was definitely a good reminder to me that God
really does place opportunities in our path to help others. As we take
these opportunities and show love to God's children, He is able to
make miracles happen! :)

We've had lots of interaction with President Nagano this past week! He
decided to come to our District meeting this past Tuesday and that was
a big surprise to us all! We were more than happy to have him there.
He is so wise and is always so helpful when it comes to missionary
work. Both He and sister Nagano are incredible missionaries! Later in
the week, we had interviews with the Nagano's and that was of course
wonderful too. I think I will always feel a special familiarity and
closeness with both of them. They are such examples to me and I love
them so much. I have my final interview this week on Thursday with a
president Nagano, and so I am looking forward to visiting with him

This week we have gone really hard! I'm am so exhausted and tired, but
am still able to somehow do everything I want to do. God's enabling
power is a real thing.
On Sunday, we had four people at church, and it was an amazing
experience for all of them! We are working with really prepared people
right now and I'm sure the future holds amazing things for our
Senzokuike area. It has changed drastically as God has been so
merciful and has been preparing so many people to receive the Gospel.
We are so lucky to be here!

I received a phone call from the 1st counselor in the Senzokuike
ward's Bishopric at 9:10 on Saturday night and found out that He
wanted me to speak for 10 minutes the following morning in Japanese.
Well, if there is anyone who knows a missionaries schedule at night,
they will know that there is not a ton of time to write a 10 minutes
talk. Let alone in Japanese! I felt a little bit overwhelmed, but of
course accepted the challenge to speak anyway. We have 9:00am church
in the morning, and so I used the tiny bit of time that I had in the
morning to prepare to speak. I felt so unorganized and so unprepared.
I prayed so hard that I would be able to say everything that the ward
needed to hear and that the things I did prepare would go well. After
the sacrament was finished, I proceeded to the front of the chapel
with a few notes and a set of Japanese scriptures. I was so nervous,
but as I opened my mouth, sure enough, it was filled and I was able to
speak for the ten minutes I was given to speak. God really does put
the words we should say in our mouths as we try and do our best. I
felt at peace the whole time, despite not having prepared very much. I
can't remember half of the things I said, but I remember feeling
guided and I never once felt like I didn't have the words to speak.
The words were there, the whole way through. :) Just another tender
mercy. God really does know us and love us personally.

So, remember the random piece of paper with the name and address that
we found a couple weeks ago? H..... has become one of our most
promising investigators and we are so excited about her! We had an
amazing lesson with her this past week and the spirit was so strong as
we testified about the restoration. As we were inviting her to be
baptized, she cut in and said, "If the Book of Mormon is true, of
course I will join your church!" It was a really neat experience. She
is a woman with so much faith and is now reading and praying about the
Book of Mormon. She is so excited about it all that she also brought
her husband with her to church on Sunday. During the Sunday school
class, they really loved the lesson and shared amazing insights and
experiences from their lives. I can't believe how prepared they are,
and they just fell into our hands! So amazing!

Yesterday, Sister Moffat and I met Marjorie and Kaori chan for lunch
in Gotanda area at a fancy buffet called the Prince Hotel. It was fun
to see them both! We had a nice lunch together and I was able to say
goodbye to both of them as they will be heading to the Philippines on
the 1st. I will send pictures! :) I will also send you the rest of the
ones I took with Megumi and Minami Chan last week.

Not sure if I have mentioned this before or not, but since I have come
to this area, we have put a huge focus on greeting everyone and
smiling SUPER BIG!! Near our house, there is a long road, (where I got
hit by the motorcycle) (we call it smile street) that we walk on it every
single day. It is a one way street and we have so many people on that
street who we say 'hello' to and 'goodnight' to. We've made many many
friends by just being happy, helpful and genki. There is a man who
owns a karage shop where he specializes in deep fried chicken with
other fancy meals. We see him everyday and are able to say hello as we
are walking by. He looks out the window 24/7 to make sure he never
misses us as we are coming by. There is another woman who owns a clay
shop and we have met many of her students and always say hello to her!
There is an old folks home near the end of the street where we have
been invited in to shake hands and entertain old people over and over
again. We always wave as we are walking past the window and all the
little old people wave with the biggest smiles on their faces. There
is a woman who owns a cute little clothes store who always greets us
as we come by. Not to mention, the cake shop man, the hoikuen (nursery
school) kids, the fish shop people, the Italian store people and all
the people who go to and from the station on their way to work and
returning back home. There are 8-7 people who work at the 7-11 near
our house who we know by name and are really good friends with. We use
the wifi at the 7-11 daily and so we greet them daily as well. These
are just a few of the many people who we see on a daily bases who God
has given us to love and take care of. I share this because I have
realized that missionary work is so much more than what we members of
the church think it is. It doesn't matter where we are, we have the
opportunity to bless other people's lives. We can serve and help those
around us and in so doing show the light of Christ. In the scriptures,
it says "by their fruits ye shall know them." As members of the
church, we are and should be always sharing the gospel. We are message
and as we strive to make our interactions with everyone around us
meaningful, I know we will be given eyes to see those who are prepared
to hear and learn more. I encourage you all to look at your daily
lives and evaluate how you interact with other people, whether it be
at work, school, wherever! I know God will bless you as you do so. :)

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how the Lord prepares each
phase of our lives long before we even know they are coming. As I look
back through my life, I see a pattern in so many different areas of
how I was being prepared to help someone here on my mission, or even
just know some bit of information that is now useful in some respect
to missionary work. I don't know if I am explaining this very well,
but I just want to testify of God's perfect knowledge of us as his
children. He has been preparing us since before the world began for
the things we face everyday of our lives now. He is aware of the
things we are learning and experiencing at this time and is preparing
it to be useful in the future in his perfect plan of happiness!
Everything happens for a reason, and God will continue to teach us
line upon line and precept upon precept. I know He loves us so much
and is watching out for each one of you. He is our a ultimate source
of peace and comfort. He is the best teacher. I've learned that I need
to be more humble and apply the correction I receive from Him daily.
We have so much to learn and do as human beings before we can become
like him, but He sees us for everything we can and have the potential
to become. He is so gracious and so merciful to us. I love Him so much
and am so grateful to be His missionary. This gospel is true. Jesus
Christ is our Savior. I know there is only true happiness in living
according to His perfect Gospel.
I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 65 Japan Tokyo Mission

Ps. I was able to see these two again today on p-day. Love them both so much! :)

Dear family,

We've had some really amazing experiences this past week, but I will
probably only be able to share one of them. The one I will share
relates directly to the power God gives us to "be in the world but not
of the world" and the protection He continually gives us as
missionaries. I believe this power comes from living and keeping our
covenants as we show the Lord we truly are on His side. This power
comes from consistent righteous living. Now, more than ever, there is
a need to be more righteous.

This past week, sister Moffat and I ventured out to a Matsuri in the
middle of Yoyogi park. (A matsuri is like a big party/festival/ street
fair thing)
This Matsuri was specifically for foreigners living in Tokyo and so we
saw it would be a good opportunity to find more investigators and meet
some more foreigners who would be willing to learn about our message.
We walked into that Matsuri with two other sisters from the 1st ward
having set massive goals that we wanted to reach together. As we
arrived at the eki, we could hear noisy drums and music coming from
within the park. There were well over a couple thousand people at this
event and most all of them were gaijin! It seemed that there may have
been a few sketchy things inside the crowd, but we still felt good
about going and talking to everyone that we possibly could. After
praying, we split off from each other to divide and conquer the crowd!
 We gave many book of Mormons way, and were able to meet tons of
people who had members in their families. It became a great success!
The Tokyo 1st sisters were able to reach a less active member and find
a few new investigators which was so awesome! Sister Moffat and I also
saw a ton of success. After about an hour of running around in the
crowd, we began to feel sick. Our surroundings were filled with all of
the awful things in this world. There was partying everywhere and
despite the great success we had had, began to feel like maybe it was
time to leave the Matsuri. Walking through the crowd, trying not to
look at everything, a man who was very drunk circled around us with a
few of his friends. We managed to escape them with the help of the
Lord. I don't think I need to say much more, but I will testify that
Gods protection and guardian angels are real and so close to us.
Despite the horrible atmosphere around sister Moffat and I, we felt
empowered. At any moment during that time, I felt the power within
myself to command every single person in that crowd to not touch us or
else the power of God would shake them. It was both a scary, yet very
empowering experience! Luckily, nothing happened and we were able to
walk out of the place safely.
The world is growing continually worse and worse, and now more than
ever, there is a need for righteousness. This experience reminded me
of a few scriptures.

"Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and
the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a
hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can
command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the
mountains, or the waves of the sea." (Jacob 4:6)

"I command you that ye touch me not, for I am filled with the power of
God, even unto the consuming of my flesh; and whoso shall lay his
hands upon me shall wither even as a dried reed; and he shall be as
naught before the power of God, for God shall smite him." - (1st Nephi

"And they stood forth and attempted to lay their hands on him; but he
withstood them, and said unto them: Touch me not, for God shall smite
you if ye lay your hands upon me, for I have not delivered the message
which the Lord sent me to deliver." (Mosiah 13:2-3)

Although, we didn't need to command anyone to do anything, I believe
God gave us that same power as described in the above scriptures. Gods
power is so real and I can once again testify that God really does
protect His missionaries. As long as we are obedient and do what we
are supposed to be doing, this protection will always be available to
us. I love you all so much and just want to encourage you all to
continue to do the right things. Avoid all forms of evil, and I
promise the Holy Ghost will let you know when something isn't right.
God loves all of you and I know He is guiding your lives. I hope you
all have a wonderful week! :)
Love always,

Sister Hubbard xoxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 64 Japan Tokyo Mission

The day we went dendouing in the rain with Marina Chan in Oimachi. So fun! :) she is the best.

Dear Family,

Well, the hot humid summer has struck its course here in Tokyo! Bring
on the heat waves! This week, I am grateful for an air conditioned
apartment and for my croc shoes which don't get too hot or wet with
all the humidity everywhere. :)
We've had some real breakthroughs this past week in Senzokuike!
On Tuesday evening, we took our investigator Ellie to the Boss couple's
house in our ward for dinner and a lesson. It was wonderful! Sister
Boss bore a really powerful testimony about the plan of salvation and
Ellie had a really great experience. She is diligently reading the
Book of Mormon and praying about it. She has shown a lot of faith and
as a result, God is blessing her so much! We are really excited about
her. :)

I would like to tell you about two of the families in our Senzokuike
ward who we have been focusing on. The first is the K.... Family.
K.... Shimai is the only member of her family, but she has two
daughters who are high school and college age girls. K... Shimai
started coming back to church close to two months ago and we have been
working with her very closely. Since the beginning of the transfer,
Sister Moffat and I have made it a goal to always ask her how her
daughters are doing and express our desire to meet them. Well, this
week, K.... Shimai told her oldest daughter Y... about us! After
showing Yuri Chan a picture she took of us at church, She asked if it
would be okay if we could call her and set up a time to meet. Complete
We called K... Shimai's daughter Y... and she was super excited to
meet up with us! We met her this afternoon and invited her to come to
church with her mom! She said she would like to come. Such a big

We are also working really close with the Kawamura family in the
Senzokuike ward.
At seminary on Wednesday mornings, we always make a special effort to
be good friends with Marina Chan (Kawamura's daughter who is a YW).
This past Wednesday, she told us that she wanted to invite her best
friend to Eikaiwa class and asked us to please share the gospel with
her. We made a plan together and her friend turned out to be a
complete kinjin! Marina Chan's friend will now be coming to church
next Sunday and she wants to take the lessons. Way awesome! We went
over to the Kawamura's house for dinner this past week and were able
to help her prepare a Book of Mormon for her friend by marking
scriptures and writing our testimonies in it together. Marina Chan is
15 years old, but all she ever talks about is missionary work! It is
amazing! She expressed that she wanted to come and do missionary work
with us sometime. We definitely took her up on that offer! On Saturday
afternoon, we ate lunch together (while studying preach my gospel) and
then dendoued together for 3 hours in the rain. Now, it wasn't just
raining, but it was pouring! We bravely went out into the rain with
our umbrellas and rain jackets and began talking with people. She
loved it! We gave five Book of Mormons away and talked to around 70
people together. It was a great success! She stopped people and
introduced us as missionaries to many of the people and bore really
powerful testimonies to everyone about how the gospel has changed her
and her family's life. After everything, she told us that she wants to
be a missionary someday, share the gospel with all her friends, and go
to BYU. :) We are really excited about her! We love the Kawamura
family. They are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed soon,
which is so amazing. They are a perfect example of how the gospel can
and does bless families. They are so great!

We met with another investigator this past week named M.... San. She is
a college student and was found just before I got to the area. We
haven't been able to meet her consistently because she is so busy with
work and school, but we should be able to meet her more consistently
starting in August. We set a Baptismal date with her for August 20th.
She told us that she would like to try living like a member of the
church and experience the same things that the members do. We think
she really enjoyed coming to church a few weeks ago and it has
inspired her to want to learn more and be baptized! :) God is
preparing His people!

Okay, another way WAY cool miracle!!
As I was cleaning through a bunch of papers in our apartment this past
week, I found a piece of paper with a name (Hana Nishizawa) and
address on it. We decided it looked like referral material and so we
decided to go and visit the 'mystery person' during the break between
the two wards church meetings this past Sunday.
After finding the apartment and praying, we proceeded to 'ping pong'
her door. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't
what we found!
A woman in a colorful dress with a high ponytail came skipping to the
door to greet us. She is from Kentucky, but is living in Japan as an
actress. She spoke perfect English. Just as we were about to introduce
ourselves, she said, "Wow! You actually came! Come in! COME IN! Thank
you for coming! ... I have to admit, after hearing all of that, I
began to wonder if she was just a less active who hadn't been to
church in over a few years or something...
She sat us down with banana pancakes and this special 'lemon detox
water' she had made herself! (It looked like water with sliced lemons
and cucumber in it-probably something I should keep drinking in the
future, haha). It turns out Hana had met the missionaries last year at
some point on the street and had told them they should come over
sometime! She must have handed them the piece of paper I found in the
apartment and they must have just forgotten about it or something?
Anyway, and we were able to teach her part of the restoration and said
she wanted to come to church sometime with us! It was a way awesome!
Also, she lives like 10 minutes away from the church! 奇跡!! Her
husband, is half Australian and half Japanese, and is a really famous
singer here in Japan. It was such a neat experience to meet her. We
are excited for the opportunity to know her and work with her now.

I'm so grateful for this gospel! I know it is true. I know God lives
and that He is directing our lives. Everything happens for a reason
and is all connected in God's grand plan. Nothing is random and
everything that ever happens in this life can be drawn back to the
sure knowledge that there is a God, that He loves us, and that we are
made to be so much more than everything we ever experience on this
earth. Jesus Christ really is our Savior and our advocate with the
Father. I know He prays for us and is our Older Brother. Keep trusting
in his glorious plan!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 63 Japan Tokyo Mission

Kouno San from Koiwa! :) It was good to see her again. She is doing so
well and just finished the Book of Mormon! She loves church and always
talks about her baptism.

Megumi Chan <3 

Ishi San (she just lives around the block from the sisters. When I served in Koiwa we became rally good friends. We were able to see her on our way back to he apartment unexpectedly. Total Miracle! :) ) -the cute baby is her granddaughter. I was on exchanges with sister Riggs.

At the BYU concert with our friend Ellie! :)

Minami Chan and Miki Chan were also there! It was great to see them again. :)
People painting the scenery.
Pretty park near the temple. *notice the temple in the background with the Angel Moroni.
People painting the scenery.
This is a pretty funny picture, haha. We are at the scramble in all these pictures. Sister Moffat's first time! :)
"I saw a pillar of Light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun." 
Haha, kinda funny picture. This is us inside the mall last p-day. 

Huge mall just for woman in Shibuya

It is Tokyo! So so many people everywhere.

Dear family

On Monday, we went with Ellie to the BYU Hawaii concert. BYU Hawaii
comes with their orchestra and or choir group to Japan every year. I
remember watching it last year too. It was amazing to me how strong
the Spirit was there. I was able to see many friends and people from
previous areas who I haven't seen for a long time. It was definitely a
tender mercy for me to be there. The Concert was amazing. Our top
investigator, Ellie, really felt the Spirit and was able to meet a lot
of really good people. I think going to the concert really opened her
eyes to how many missionaries and people there are involved in the
church as most of the South mission also brought there investigators
and there were over 300 missionaries there. It was a great experience
for her! It was also a great experience for me. Near the end, the
choir did a special rendition of "How great thou Art." It was
beautiful. Music is so powerful and tears streamed down my face as
their beautiful voices filled the theatre. It was so powerful and the
Spirit really testified to me, once again, that this church really is
true and that God is really in the details of everything on earth and
in His plan. On a funnier side of things, Ellie, our investigator,
noticed I had tears in my eyes and we once again had to explain the
'happy tear', and 'sad tear' hanashi to her. She said that she had a
warm feeling in her heart and was able to recognize that the feelings
she was experiencing as the Spirit. She's been even more excited to
learn since the concert. We taught her more of the plan of salvation
this past week and she continues to eat of the book of mormon and
everything that is in it. She has the deepest questions and we love
her so much!
She also came to church this past week and we will begin teaching her
in members homes starting this next week. So excited for Ellie! God
has blessed her and prepared her heart so much. She is a dear friend
to us.

On Tuesday, we met with a recent convert named Takada Shimai. She
contacted us last Sunday and told us that she felt like she needed to
do something to help us as missionaries and asked us what it might be?
We weren't sure at the time and so we decided to meet and talk about
it. As we talked with her, she confided in us that she had a handful
of friends that she wanted to introduce the gospel to. Way cool! She
is one of the best missionary members ever! As we spoke with her, she
told us countless stories of people she had met in the last couple of
weeks. She is so bold in living the gospel and consistently finds
people to share the gospel with every single day. We gave her a whole
bunch of our streeting materials because she naturally starts up
gospel conversations with everyone and directs them to learn more. I
decided I want to be that kind of member missionary. We were so amazed
by her courage to share the gospel with others. Way to go members!!

We met amazing people on the street this past week!
As we were coming home from a less active members house on Tuesday
night, we approached a woman who had her back turned to us. As she
turned to reply to our greeting, every single part of me felt that we
needed to tell her about Jesus Christ. It was a neat experience. Sure
enough, as we opened our mouths and taught about Jesus Christ and the
Book of Mormon, she exclaimed, "Jesus Christ really lived?!"
She then expressed that she had just come from the doctors office
where she had received some treatment for her back. This woman was
probably in her 40s, and so she must have had some sort of accident as
she was struggling to walk.
Before saying goodbye to her, she said,
began to weep, and promised that she would come to church on Sunday.
It was an amazing miracle. Later, Sister Moffat and I really felt the
Spirit confirm to us that we had been instruments in Gods hands in
reaching out to her. There is no greater joy than in knowing that you
have been God's hands in helping someone else. This gospel is amazing!

Last week, we met a Woman named Santi from Napal. We exchanged
numbers, but because she was running late, we weren't able to set an
appointment with her. We called her this past week to try and make an
appointment. As she answered the phone, to my great surprise, the
first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Santi, we have a present
for you!"
...Before talking with her, we had planned to invite her to church. We
hadn't talked about anything related to what came out of my mouth. It
was very interesting. I was surprised by what I had said to her!
As my brain processed what had just happened, I realized we hadn't
given her a Book of Mormon! I then remembered that we did have a Book
of Mormon in the Hindi language. Perfect!
Her reply to my unexpected outburst was, "How did you know it was my
birthday soon?" It turns out that her birthday was just a week later
and that she had no family or friends to celebrate  it with because
she had just moved to Japan. Crazy cool!
We were able to set an appointment with her and she is excited to meet
with us. :)
God really does put the words we need to say in our mouths. God knows
how we can touch other people's hearts. God knows His children and
loves them all so much. He knows the very details our our lives-
Including our birthdays. :)

I had the opportunity to travel to Koiwa once again for exchanges with
the Sister Training Leaders. As always, it was a an amazing experience
to see all of he people there. I am always amazed by the growth of
their testimonies and for their constant love for the Lord. It makes
me want to continue to do better and to live as obedient as I can
every single day.

This past week in my study, I was promoted to begin studying the
gospel in a little bit of a different way. My thoughts have really
been directed to prayer lately and how I can have more meaningful and
revelatory prayers with Heavenly Father. As a result, I have decided
to start keeping a journal of revelation. I will carry it with me
everywhere I go and carefully record every impression and thought I
receive from the Spirit as I go throughout my day. It's been a really
neat experience! It's definitely helped me see the work in a new light
and also see how the Lord is directing me, "line upon line, and
precept upon precept." Sometimes it is difficult for us to feel like
our prayers aren't being answered, especially when we are looking for
a big specific answer. But, sometimes, we are too impatient while
waiting for that revelation. We need to trust that God will reveal to
us the big picture in small amounts. We need to understand that God is
the Master of all Knowledge, but he teaches us at our own level and
understanding, slowly, until we can understand everything in a great
whole. As I have kept this journal, I have been able to understand the
greater picture and more of what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me
and tell me personally. I think I will continue to follow this way of
study throughout my whole life. It's taught me that the little pieces
of revelation we receive is preparatory to understanding greater
things. Thus, it is always important to ask the Lord "Is there more?"
after we receive a small piece. It's outstanding how the Lord is able
to teach us. He really is the Great Mentor.

"It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they
are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only
according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the
children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give
unto him.
...he that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser
portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is
given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to
know the mysteries of God until he know them in full."
(Alma 12:9-10)
"For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God
shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost, as well
in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in
times to come; wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal
round." (1Nephi 10:19)

On our way home from Koiwa, we met a woman from Mongolia! She couldn't
speak any English, and she could only speak basic Japanese, but we
were able to have a really great conversation with her! We were
waiting for our train when we saw her and decided to speak with her.
As we introduced ourselves and explained a little bit about the Book
of Mormon and she took complete interest! We gave her a pass along
card saying she could receive one for free and meet with other
missionaries in Mongolia. She thanked us and proceeded to get on her
train. We then realized that we were in the wrong part of the station
and that we needed to get onto the other side of the line, but God
knew everything that would happen, and let us go to the wrong platform
so that we could meet this woman from Mongolia. It was a neat

Well, that's all I have time for. I'm grateful for the opportunity I
have to be the Lords servant as a missionary. I've found more joy in
this work than in anything I have ever done before. It's become my
lifelong pursuit, and I am so grateful for the shared duty we have as
missionaries, members, and people to assist in God's great work. I
know this church is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He
is the light and truth of this world. Let's share that light with
Have a wonderful week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard