Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 63 Japan Tokyo Mission

Kouno San from Koiwa! :) It was good to see her again. She is doing so
well and just finished the Book of Mormon! She loves church and always
talks about her baptism.

Megumi Chan <3 

Ishi San (she just lives around the block from the sisters. When I served in Koiwa we became rally good friends. We were able to see her on our way back to he apartment unexpectedly. Total Miracle! :) ) -the cute baby is her granddaughter. I was on exchanges with sister Riggs.

At the BYU concert with our friend Ellie! :)

Minami Chan and Miki Chan were also there! It was great to see them again. :)
People painting the scenery.
Pretty park near the temple. *notice the temple in the background with the Angel Moroni.
People painting the scenery.
This is a pretty funny picture, haha. We are at the scramble in all these pictures. Sister Moffat's first time! :)
"I saw a pillar of Light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun." 
Haha, kinda funny picture. This is us inside the mall last p-day. 

Huge mall just for woman in Shibuya

It is Tokyo! So so many people everywhere.

Dear family

On Monday, we went with Ellie to the BYU Hawaii concert. BYU Hawaii
comes with their orchestra and or choir group to Japan every year. I
remember watching it last year too. It was amazing to me how strong
the Spirit was there. I was able to see many friends and people from
previous areas who I haven't seen for a long time. It was definitely a
tender mercy for me to be there. The Concert was amazing. Our top
investigator, Ellie, really felt the Spirit and was able to meet a lot
of really good people. I think going to the concert really opened her
eyes to how many missionaries and people there are involved in the
church as most of the South mission also brought there investigators
and there were over 300 missionaries there. It was a great experience
for her! It was also a great experience for me. Near the end, the
choir did a special rendition of "How great thou Art." It was
beautiful. Music is so powerful and tears streamed down my face as
their beautiful voices filled the theatre. It was so powerful and the
Spirit really testified to me, once again, that this church really is
true and that God is really in the details of everything on earth and
in His plan. On a funnier side of things, Ellie, our investigator,
noticed I had tears in my eyes and we once again had to explain the
'happy tear', and 'sad tear' hanashi to her. She said that she had a
warm feeling in her heart and was able to recognize that the feelings
she was experiencing as the Spirit. She's been even more excited to
learn since the concert. We taught her more of the plan of salvation
this past week and she continues to eat of the book of mormon and
everything that is in it. She has the deepest questions and we love
her so much!
She also came to church this past week and we will begin teaching her
in members homes starting this next week. So excited for Ellie! God
has blessed her and prepared her heart so much. She is a dear friend
to us.

On Tuesday, we met with a recent convert named Takada Shimai. She
contacted us last Sunday and told us that she felt like she needed to
do something to help us as missionaries and asked us what it might be?
We weren't sure at the time and so we decided to meet and talk about
it. As we talked with her, she confided in us that she had a handful
of friends that she wanted to introduce the gospel to. Way cool! She
is one of the best missionary members ever! As we spoke with her, she
told us countless stories of people she had met in the last couple of
weeks. She is so bold in living the gospel and consistently finds
people to share the gospel with every single day. We gave her a whole
bunch of our streeting materials because she naturally starts up
gospel conversations with everyone and directs them to learn more. I
decided I want to be that kind of member missionary. We were so amazed
by her courage to share the gospel with others. Way to go members!!

We met amazing people on the street this past week!
As we were coming home from a less active members house on Tuesday
night, we approached a woman who had her back turned to us. As she
turned to reply to our greeting, every single part of me felt that we
needed to tell her about Jesus Christ. It was a neat experience. Sure
enough, as we opened our mouths and taught about Jesus Christ and the
Book of Mormon, she exclaimed, "Jesus Christ really lived?!"
She then expressed that she had just come from the doctors office
where she had received some treatment for her back. This woman was
probably in her 40s, and so she must have had some sort of accident as
she was struggling to walk.
Before saying goodbye to her, she said,
began to weep, and promised that she would come to church on Sunday.
It was an amazing miracle. Later, Sister Moffat and I really felt the
Spirit confirm to us that we had been instruments in Gods hands in
reaching out to her. There is no greater joy than in knowing that you
have been God's hands in helping someone else. This gospel is amazing!

Last week, we met a Woman named Santi from Napal. We exchanged
numbers, but because she was running late, we weren't able to set an
appointment with her. We called her this past week to try and make an
appointment. As she answered the phone, to my great surprise, the
first thing that came out of my mouth was, "Santi, we have a present
for you!"
...Before talking with her, we had planned to invite her to church. We
hadn't talked about anything related to what came out of my mouth. It
was very interesting. I was surprised by what I had said to her!
As my brain processed what had just happened, I realized we hadn't
given her a Book of Mormon! I then remembered that we did have a Book
of Mormon in the Hindi language. Perfect!
Her reply to my unexpected outburst was, "How did you know it was my
birthday soon?" It turns out that her birthday was just a week later
and that she had no family or friends to celebrate  it with because
she had just moved to Japan. Crazy cool!
We were able to set an appointment with her and she is excited to meet
with us. :)
God really does put the words we need to say in our mouths. God knows
how we can touch other people's hearts. God knows His children and
loves them all so much. He knows the very details our our lives-
Including our birthdays. :)

I had the opportunity to travel to Koiwa once again for exchanges with
the Sister Training Leaders. As always, it was a an amazing experience
to see all of he people there. I am always amazed by the growth of
their testimonies and for their constant love for the Lord. It makes
me want to continue to do better and to live as obedient as I can
every single day.

This past week in my study, I was promoted to begin studying the
gospel in a little bit of a different way. My thoughts have really
been directed to prayer lately and how I can have more meaningful and
revelatory prayers with Heavenly Father. As a result, I have decided
to start keeping a journal of revelation. I will carry it with me
everywhere I go and carefully record every impression and thought I
receive from the Spirit as I go throughout my day. It's been a really
neat experience! It's definitely helped me see the work in a new light
and also see how the Lord is directing me, "line upon line, and
precept upon precept." Sometimes it is difficult for us to feel like
our prayers aren't being answered, especially when we are looking for
a big specific answer. But, sometimes, we are too impatient while
waiting for that revelation. We need to trust that God will reveal to
us the big picture in small amounts. We need to understand that God is
the Master of all Knowledge, but he teaches us at our own level and
understanding, slowly, until we can understand everything in a great
whole. As I have kept this journal, I have been able to understand the
greater picture and more of what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me
and tell me personally. I think I will continue to follow this way of
study throughout my whole life. It's taught me that the little pieces
of revelation we receive is preparatory to understanding greater
things. Thus, it is always important to ask the Lord "Is there more?"
after we receive a small piece. It's outstanding how the Lord is able
to teach us. He really is the Great Mentor.

"It is given unto many to know the mysteries of God; nevertheless they
are laid under a strict command that they shall not impart only
according to the portion of his word which he doth grant unto the
children of men, according to the heed and diligence which they give
unto him.
...he that will harden his heart, the same receiveth the lesser
portion of the word; and he that will not harden his heart, to him is
given the greater portion of the word, until it is given unto him to
know the mysteries of God until he know them in full."
(Alma 12:9-10)
"For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries of God
shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost, as well
in these times as in times of old, and as well in times of old as in
times to come; wherefore, the course of the Lord is one eternal
round." (1Nephi 10:19)

On our way home from Koiwa, we met a woman from Mongolia! She couldn't
speak any English, and she could only speak basic Japanese, but we
were able to have a really great conversation with her! We were
waiting for our train when we saw her and decided to speak with her.
As we introduced ourselves and explained a little bit about the Book
of Mormon and she took complete interest! We gave her a pass along
card saying she could receive one for free and meet with other
missionaries in Mongolia. She thanked us and proceeded to get on her
train. We then realized that we were in the wrong part of the station
and that we needed to get onto the other side of the line, but God
knew everything that would happen, and let us go to the wrong platform
so that we could meet this woman from Mongolia. It was a neat

Well, that's all I have time for. I'm grateful for the opportunity I
have to be the Lords servant as a missionary. I've found more joy in
this work than in anything I have ever done before. It's become my
lifelong pursuit, and I am so grateful for the shared duty we have as
missionaries, members, and people to assist in God's great work. I
know this church is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He
is the light and truth of this world. Let's share that light with
Have a wonderful week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

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