Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 47 Japan Tokyo Mission

Mission leadership counsel

Zone conference

At MLC- The two elders to our left- elder Clark and Elder Judd. They
are the Matsudo Zone leaders.

Mission leadership counsel

Dear Family,

It's so great to hear from everyone and about everyone! We are so
blessed. It's neat to see that the miracles I see here in Japan are
not the only ones that are occurring. God is blessing you all so much!
I am so happy to see the Lord's goodness in your lives and in the
lives of our friends and extended family. God is so gracious. Thanks
you for sharing about everything that has been happening. I hope the
little boys win the cub car race coming up! ;) 頑張って下さい!

Sister Bettridge and I had two really big meetings this week to attend
and so we were worried we may not be able to accomplish some of our
plans for the week, but we've learned that God is able to magnify our
efforts and multiply it by thousands! We have seen amazing
breakthroughs in our Tokyo Japan Mission this last week! As a mission,
we've really united in our efforts to find the elect whom God has
prepared and we have been talking with everyone. As a result, our
mission has talked to over 10,000 people this past week! Our mission
has 180ish missionaries in it and we have over doubled the amount of
people we have previously talked to. It's amazing! Together, we have
found more new investigators than ever before. God is really preparing
the minds and hearts of the people here in Japan. It's so neat to see
everyday as we go out and try and find people.

Sister Bettridge and I have been praying specifically to find someone
who is really prepared to receive the gospel. Everyday, we speak with
everyone who will hear us and try to find our kinjin. We had a really
neat experience this past week at the train station! We were talking
to a woman just before getting on a train and she said she had no
interest and shut us down pretty hard. Our week had been full of many
rejections, but that wasn't keeping us from opening our mouths! On the
train ride home, we talked with many people who did the same thing. As
we were walking out of the Eki, we stopped to speak to a young mother
who was near the Eki's fountain with a bunch of her children. As we
were walking over to her, we heard a voice behind us. We turned around
and to our great surprise, we saw a very tall, dark, African man
standing behind us. His soft voice was reassuring and quiet even
though he was tall and a little bit scary. He must have seen the
shocked look on our faces because he apologized for being so sudden.
He then went on to explain that he had heard our Japanese conversation
on the train with the woman who had turned us down and that he wanted
to come to our church. He kindly asked us if it would be okay if he
could have one of our chirashi's so that he could find the church
building and come to church on Sunday. We were amazed as we began to
talk with him. He shook our hands and thanked us as we gave him the
church address. As he turned to walk away, we asked him for his name.
He said his name was "Amen." ...He was the literal end of, and answer
to our prayers. So cool! Hopefully he will be meeting with the elders

MLC was really great this week! It's always great. The spirit was
really strong as we talked about some of the things that were
happening in the mission. It is really neat to be able to receive
revelation together as a big group of missionaries and to figure out
ways to change things in the mission. It's really taught me and helped
me understand just how involved the Lord is in our work. It's always
an amazing experience.

Sister Bettridge and I also had exchanges this week with the Kamagaya
Sisters- Sister Clark and Sister Moore. I love the opportunity to work
so closely with the Sisters in my zone. They are all so amazing! I
learn so much from them every time we have exchanges. :) They have
such strong faith and testimonies. It's neat to see how the Lord is
able to use each one of our strengths and even our weaknesses to
further His work. He really doesn't need us at all, and is able to do
His own work, but I am grateful for the opportunity to try my best to
serve Him everyday.

Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a shorter letter, but I love you
all so much! I hope you have a good week. :)

Things are happening all over the world and it is so exciting! God is
still hastening His work and we are so lucky to live in this time
preparatory to the second coming of Christ. I know Jesus Christ lives.
I know He is always close to us. He understands and knows us
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

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