Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Week 39 Tokyo Japan mission

Dear family,

Thanks for all the letters! It's been a really busy week and I'm so
grateful for your love and support. I feel so blessed to have such a
wonderful family. I love you all so much.

This week, as I mentioned, has been really busy! Sister Bettridge and
I have seen so many miracles together this week. We began teaching the
family I was telling you all about last week and they are looking
really really good! Very prepared people. Just a little recap on them-
the mother is a single mom and she has four children. Her children
range from 8 years old to 2 year old. She is way busy, but has a very
strong desire for her children to grow up in the church and to have a
relationship with God. Such a miracle for sister Bettridge and I. :)
it will be fun to teach a family again.

Some more info about my new companion, Sister Bettridge. She is from a
small place called Hurricane close to Saint George. She is the second
oldest of 5 kids and is the sweetest sister ever! We get along really
well and she is a very hard worker. Her Japanese is really good and
she is a tenth transfer missionary. I am very blessed to be working
with her. :)
We had an amazing MLC meeting this past week and President and Sister
Nagano gave amazing trainings again. They are both so amazing and
inspired. I am so blessed to work closely with them both.

Our mission has changed the way we do Temple p-days. We are now going
in our various zones throughout the transfer at different times. Our
temple p-day was today, which is why I am emailing today. :) Temple
P-day didn't work out the way I thought it would today, but as a
result I feel so grateful for the Lords tender mercies in my life. God
is so merciful to us. In my hardest times, I now that my Savior, Jesus
Christ, stands near by. I felt Him so close today. I just want to
testify of His love for us. We are given weaknesses to allow us to be
humble and to rely on the Lord for help. I'll share my experience from
This morning I woke up all excited to go the temple! As I was getting
ready, I started to feel like I had no energy and despite it being
warm in the apartment, I felt really cold. My excitement to go to the
temple overpowered whatever I was feeling and I paid no attention to
it. We left to the temple and just as we were about half way there, I
began to feel a sharp pain in my stomach and felt really dizzy. I felt
like I should sit down, but because the train was packed pretty full
of people, there was no where to sit accept for the floor. Sister
Bettridge noticed there was something wrong with me and suggested that
we get off the train at the next stop and so we did. By now, I was in
pretty bad shape. I felt very sick and nauseous. Sister Bettridge
taking my arm, we both looked for a place to sit down in the strain
station but couldn't find a bench anywhere. I ended up sitting down in
a corner near some stairs where in tears sister Bettridge and I both
prayed asking Heavenly Father to either help me feel better or provide
a way for us to get home. With the crazy traffic and the trains, we
would have to walk a pretty far distance from train to train in order
to get home, and I felt like there was no way I could do that. There
were thousands of people around us in the noisy train station going to
and from their trains, I was sick, and we were desperate for help. We
knelt down in the middle of everything and said a prayer together. It
was a sacred moment for me. The Spirit was so strong and I felt like
all the crazy things around me stopped for a moment. I felt the
Savior's love so strong, and I knew that He was mindful of us.
Although my health wasn't doing any better, I felt like we needed to
stand and begin walking towards the ticket gates. We did so together.
As we walked, we came face to face with our ward mission leader who
was on his way to something. Brother Orito must have seen the looks on
our faces because he immediately came to the rescue. He gave me a
blessing in the busy station not far from the place were we had knelt
down previously together. As he placed his hands on my head, I felt my
body receive strength and the pain was taken from me for a moment. His
blessing was given in Japanese and I will never forget the words he
said. He was an angel sent from God to be at the station at that exact
time when we needed help. I know it. He was the answer to our prayer.
After the blessing, he stopped a Taxi for us and rode with us the hour
or so trip back to our apartment where I was able to rest. All I could
do was thank him with tears in my eyes.
To some people, it may seem like such a small thing that Brother Orito
did, or that it was a coincidence that he was there in the same
station, but I now that it was the power of God. I love these people
so much. I love our ward. I love the people we meet everyday on the
street. They are my brothers and sisters. I am left in awe when I
think about how amazing the Lord's miracles are. God answers our
prayers and helps us. I know that God lives and loves us. He is close
by even when we don't realize it.

I've spent most of today having flu like symptoms and resting easy,
but I'm grateful I was able to have this experience. Sometimes we need
to have these kinds of experiences to know that God is in control of
everything and that He is aware of us personally. I know that God
lives and loves us. We are so so blessed. :) I love this gospel so
much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here in Japan
among the people here. I testify that God lives and loves each one of
Have a wonderful week!
Love always,

Sister Hubbard

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