Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 33 Tokyo Mission

Taken just before leaving Niigata-Ken. 

Megumi and Minami Chan went to the temple together again. I'm exited
to see them soon!
This is Iwasaki Shimai :) she made me the skirt.

This is sister Morley! I love her so much already! :)

So, forgot to mention in my letter that I had to take 3 trains by myself in order to come to Matsudo from the Honbu. It was weird not having a companion to travel with Haha. it was definitely an adventure! I arrived safely, and met some way cool people on the train on my way there! :)

 Our Sado district and the makise fufu.
 This is Eriku- I'm crying really hard in this picture, but she was our main progressing investigator in Sado. Before I left, she promised me with tears in her eyes that she would be baptized. I love her so much. She reminds me so much of Megumi and Minami Chan from Koiwa.

Sister Josefina from the Philippines! Aka, my Sado mother! :)

 This skirt is the one Iwasaki Shimai made for me. Isn't is beautiful? I love it.

Dear family,

It's funny how fast the week goes! I feel like I just wrote you all
yesterday, haha. Time goes so fast on missions. I've had an amazing
week! My travel back down to Tokyo was a good one, and I am settling
in to Matsudo really good. Matsudo does feel a lot like Koiwa! I love
it! Yesterday, I met a lot of the ward members and went to church for
the first time in the area. The Matsudo ward is amazing! Everyone is
so 伝導-fired! (Excited about missionary work) Our ward is about the
same size as Koiwa ward, which is around 300 people who come to church
every week. I love it so much! Everyone is so amazing. There are a few
familiar faces in the Matsudo ward as it looks like some people moved
in from Koiwa and Urayasu. (I went to Urayasu for exchanges a couple
of times) The ward has an amazing mission plan and is always doing fun
activities during the week, which makes it really easy to bring people
to see the church. The ward has more kids than adults and there are a
lot of young people! It's wonderful! Also, The church here is the
biggest church I have ever seen in my life! We can see it from our
apartment. It has five floors and when I first saw it, I thought it
was a temple! I will have to send some pictures. :) The Matsudo ward
has an amazing mission plan and is always doing fun activities during
the week, which makes it really easy to bring people to see the
church. I'm excited for our Christmas party coming soon! I think it
will be a really amazing experience.

Well, let me tell you some more about my new companion. Her name is
sister Morley. She is a transfer 4 missionary and is already so
amazing! She has no fear and just talks with people everywhere. I love
it! I've learn so much from her already. :) She comes from a big
family of 12 people- 10 kids, and she is number 7! She is from
Roosevelt, Utah. We've seen a lot of miracles together this past week.
We have two people in this area preparing for baptism and we are
excited to start working with some more people that we found this
week. The Spirit is so abundant here! We had a really cool experience
tonight that would want to share.
There is a 25 year old single adult sister in the ward here who's
preparing to serve a mission. Tonight, we thought it would be fun to
go out and dendou with her for a couple of hours. We began housing
with her and weren't having a lot of success. We did that for close to
an hour and were only able to briefly talk to a few people- not a
whole lot of luck, but then we saw a huge miracle! Haha, literally! We
knocked on this last house door, or rather 'ping ponged' this last
house, and a huge black man answered the door. His accent was very
thick, and so I couldn't understand if he was speaking Japanese or
English. Instinctively, I began speaking Japanese to him. (He was
probably close to 6'6'' and was just full of muscle and looked kinda
scary) He turned to me and said, "what de heck you speak'in Japanese
fo? Sister, do I look Japanese to you?" I was pretty frightened as his
voice was really low and he looked pretty scary and forward...I
quickly said a silent prayer that we would be able to talk with him
and avoid being shot or something.. Haha. We began speaking English...
I told him that we were sent by God to teach him a lesson and that we
knew that God still communicates with his children just as he did in
bible times. We told him that Jesus Christ would be coming to the
earth again soon and that God created a plan for us to become perfect
like Jesus Christ and that through living the gospel that we can find
happiness now, and in the world to come. As we spoke with him, we saw
his countenance change. His eyes changed and he began to tell us about
how he met missionaries once before in Ghana where he lived as a child
and that he remembered them. He suddenly left and shut the door
telling us to wait one second. I felt like we should wait and so we
did. A few minutes later, he came back with an English Book of Mormon
and proceeded to tell us about how he had read it many times and that
he knew it was true. He said that he knew that God still speaks to
people because he had received answers to his prayers about the Book
of Mormon. I was so speechless! Wow!
Such an amazing experience! We are going to refer him to the elders,
and I think that he will be able to be baptized very soon! God works
so many miracles. It's so amazing to see how even years and years
later, God made it possible for this man to meet the missionaries
again. It blew me away! So amazing! Such a miracle! Oh, one more
thing.. This man's name was 'Wonder-' perfect, right? I thought so
too. God is working his wonders with our friend, Wonder! :) This
experience was a huge testimony to me that God really does have
prepared people everywhere and that the field really is white and
ready to harvest. In Alma chapter 13:24 it says:

24 For behold, angels are declaring it unto many at this time in our
land; and this is for the purpose of preparing the hearts of the
children of men to receive his word at the time of his coming in his

There are amazing things at work in this area! This week, we were able
to talk to over 100 people about the gospel and were able to invite
them all to take the missionary lessons. Granted, one a handful of
them accepted, but God is preparing the lives of all those who did not
accept, just like He prepared us to visit Wonder from Ghana.
I can definitely say I was surprised to hear I would be transferring
to Matsudo, but I know it is the will of the Lord. I'm supposed to
learn and understand something great here in Matsudo. I know this for
sure. On the bus ride back down to the Honbu, I was really nervous to
come to Matsudo, but as soon as I entered Tokyo an warm peaceful
feeling came over my heart and mind. I felt like I was back at home,
and I know it was God letting me know that everything would be okay.
I'm a little nervous for all of the events coming up the in the next
couple of weeks with exchanges and the other things I will have to do,
but this I know for sure. God prepares His people and He is gathering
His children from the four quarters of the earth to prepare for the
second coming of His son, Jesus Christ. I know that just as I have
been sent to different places in my mission for different reasons,
that each one of you is where you are in the world right now because
God needs you to be there. Your influence is incomprehensible! God can
multiply your efforts by hundreds and thousands-even the smallest act
of service for complete strangers can lead to the biggest of miracles!
God is preparing people and is preparing hearts. Someday soon, the
message of the restored gospel will fill the entire world and Jesus
Christ will come down and show himself unto us once again. How great
will that day be when we will bow down at his feet and witness his
great light and glory, and feel of the prints in His hands and in His
feet and each know personally that He is our Savior and Redeemer. I
know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world. It is only through
His gospel that we can find eternal happiness and Joy.
I encourage everyone to pray to know how you personally can help with
this wonderful work of Salvation. I love this gospel so much. :) I
hope you all have a wonderful week! Love always,

Sister Hubbard xoxo

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