Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 12

 some of the interesting food Janae ate this week

Dear Family, 

Thank you so much for your letters and love! You all said something that made my day and helped me. I'm so grateful for your love and for your prayers. 

This week is so exciting!! It's a week of new beginnings both in Canada and in Japan. 
Jared and Alyssa are getting married this week, and I am receiving a new companion! 
They are both really big changes and beginnings. :) I hope the wedding is everything and more than you all want it to be. This is such a special time. :) I will be praying hard for all of you, especially Jare and Lys. 

Well, this morning was transfer calls! I can't believe how fast this last week with sister Trent has been. It's been an amazing week though! We've seen so many miracles! Anyway, here's the news! Sister Trent is returning to her first area in the States where she will continue her mission, even though she will not have the name tag. She has been called to be a missionary in disguise...haha. She is sad to be finishing her mission, but she has amazing dreams and plans for herself and I know her mission is not finished. God has a great work for her to do. 
I have been assigned to stay in Koiwa and to receive a new companion. My new companions name is Sister Ahn! She is Korean and she speaks 3 languages- Japanese, Korean and English! I've dendoed with her once before, for about an hour in Hiroo, while I was waiting for sister Trent to be finished in a meeting. She seems to be a pretty great missionary! She's nice. I will be picking her up at the mission home on Wednesday and saying goodbye to sister Trent then. I'm really nervous to be starting this new transfer and leading out in Koiwa, but I have confidence that the Lord will help me. I met sister Ahn in the MTC, about a week after I came in, so she is a brand new missionary too! I think she is in her 4th transfer? Anyway, the assistants told us that president Budge is placing a lot of trust in us and giving us a huge responsibility in Koiwa. Koiwa is one of the largest wards in the mission and the work is really moving along here. I feel like I'm not ready to leave sister Trent yet, and I think next transfer there may be some challenges, but God is going to take care of me and help me learn Japanese. He promised He would. :) It will be an adventure being two new missionaries in such a big area, but because we are so new, I think the Lord will really help us everyday. We will see amazing miracles together. :) 

This week, the Zone leaders's investigator was baptized! He is a 17 year old boy, and we were able to bring 3 of our investigators to the baptism. We brought Kouno San, and the 2 new investigators we picked up last week! It was amazing. I could really tell they felt the spirit. :) We taught them a lot during church and during the sacrament meeting explaining things to them. They are both reading the Book of Mormon and during the sacrament they were taking notes and looking up the meanings of words. After the meeting, we watched the baptism. one of the girls, knew Terada Kun, the boy who was being baptized, but she didn't know that he was investigating the church or being baptized. As she watched him be baptized, she was brought to tears and really felt the spirit. I felt prompted to ask her about what she thought about baptism. She expressed that she needs to study and learn more, but that she would eventually like to be baptized. :) she felt that very strongly. It was so amazing! 
I'm totally out of time, but I wanted to share a scripture quick. 

D&C 59:21

21 And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments.

As this week moves forward, remember to be grateful for the wonderful and abundant blessings the Lord has given us. We are so blessed. :) 
Love you all so much! Take care. 
Love always, 

Sister Hubbard xoxo 

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