Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 8

 Another zone pic :)
Funny district photo at the temple :D

Zone photo

Hey Family! :)                                                                                                                                                   March 5, 2015

This week has been really great! It's been full of many adventures just like others ones have been. I never know where to start with everything, haha. 

This week I've really gained firm testimony of everything happening for a reason. I've said that most of my whole life, but being on a mission has really put this into better perspective. 

I know everything happens for a reason.  There was another Sister in residence all day because she was not feeling well. I didn't realize this until her companion came running into our room later in the evening. She said she wasn't sure what to do with her companion and that she was really sick and was acting weird. I felt impressed to go with this sister into her room and look at her companion. So, Sister Chapman stayed in our room with Sister Leung-wo who was sleeping, while I went with this Sister to her room. I would like to say that the Spirit authorized me to go on "splits," because as a general rule, we are always supposed to be with our companions. It was really neat. I felt really good about leaving them, even though I wasn't sure why. When we arrived at this Sister's room, I saw her companion on the floor in a cold sweat, breathing very heavily, moving in pain. I asked her companion many questions as I tried to figure out what was going on. I could tell right away that this Sister needed medical attention. She began Shaking uncontrollably and said that she felt really Hot. I told her companion to go use the residence Phone and tell the front desk about the situation. She did so. When she came back, between the two of us, we were somehow able to get her down two flights of stairs and about 500 feet to the front desk. When we got to the front desk, I wasn't super happy about their emergency response actions (that should suffice) and so I'm glad I was there to help this Sister.  While her companion was talking to the front desk, this sister began to breath really fast in and out. I relieved to say that I was able to help her and keep her calm. She was so pale and looked like she would faint, but by some blessing she didn't. It was a huge adventure! She was given a blessing, and afterwards she was lots better. I know they took her into the Clinic, but I'm not sure what happened after that. I'm grateful I was in the right place at the right time to help this Sister though. Sister Leung-wo (My companion who was sick) was perfectly fine the next day. I can't help but think that she was sick so that we could be in the right place at the right time. Amazing! I love how the Lord works. 

My Japanese is coming alright. Everyday is different. Some days I am amazed with myself and everything I can say, and others I feel like I'm not progressing very well, but I do continue to trust in the Lord and in his promises to me. 

I will be receiving my travel plans tomorrow!!! My guess is that we will be leaving sometime during the middle of the night on the 16th (Monday). Our sempai left around 3:30 am for the airport a few weeks ago, so I think it will be similar. I'm really excited!!! I'm finally going to JAPAN! :) 

Well, I'm just about out of time. I'm excited to tell you all about my flight plans next P-day, which will be my last one here before leaving the MTC. I leave here in 10 days.. wow! I'm really excited to leave. The MTC has been amazing, and I will have a really hard time saying goodbye to everyone I've met here, but I know that I will see them all again. If not in this life, then in the next. This is one of the wonderful joys in the gospel; we can know the people we meet for eternity! What a blessing this is. I wish I could say how amazing being a missionary is. It is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I know God will continue to lead all of us to the people, situations, and learning experiences that we need to become like him. This life is time where we are meant to bless each other. Everyone we meet is either meant to bless us, or we are meant to bless them in some way. Everyone around us is placed there for a reason. It is our job to always listen to the Spirit and to discern the needs of others. 
I love you all so much. Thank you for all you do. 
Oh, one more thing! We skyped with a Member who lives in Japan and only Speaks Japanese. She Shared a scripture with us that I really liked. It's helped me this week lots and lots. D&C 78:17-18 I know that this church is true. There is no way it can't be. I love this gospel so much, and I love seeing how it touches others. It makes me love it even more. 

There are no mistakes in God's plan and how our lives play out. Keep trusting in the Lord and he will ALWAYS provide a way for you. 
I'll send some more pictures next week. :) 

I love you all so much. 

-Hubbard Shimai   

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